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I am disappointed that Gen Digital spends customer money to buy advertising for Reputation Defender and LifeLock on The ReidOut show.  The ReidOut’s host, sit in hosts and some contributors practice anti-white hate speech that is offensive, racist and likely inspires hate among some viewers of this show.   Joy Reid routinely disparages white people especially Christian white people.    

Joy Reed continues her fabricated and racist attack on the people of Florida.  On March 6, 2023 she opened her show with a segment titled “Making Florida A Safe Place for Bigotry.”  As usual her factless attacks targeted her woke audience with more gas to throw on the anti-white racist fire of hate.

Joy Reid mislead her viewers with an uncorrected version of Washington Post article on DeSantis' education law.  MSNBC host Joy Reid opened the January 31, 2023  show with a condemnation of Gov. Ron DeSantis’, R-Fla., education law by citing a Washington Post report that was previously corrected with comments from the Florida Board of Education. 

The night before Thanksgiving 2022 Joy Reid started her show with a tirade to “unpack the myth of Thanksgiving” in which she said the reports of the first Thanksgiving with indigenous people were lies, that the first white people brought slaves and their ancestors started the KKK and white supremacists of today.

Joy Reid slandered Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a racist segregationist on September 30, 2022 for warning would be looters after Hurricane Ian that Florida is a law and order state.   

Joy Reid promoted the book “White Too Long” on her July 28, 2022 episode with the author Robert P. Jones telling her audience that “white (emphasized) Christian Nationalism is what the threat is before us.”

On the April 25, 2022 episode of The ReidOut Reid’s guest Anand Giridharadas called Elon Musk and all white Twitter users racists and Joy Reid lashed out that all white Twitter users on the right are racists.

Joy Reid had Anthea Butler, a professor of religion and the chair of the University of Pennsylvania Department of Religious Studies, on the May 9, 2022 episode of The ReidOut to promote her racist book titled “White Evangelical Racism.”

I am certain that Gen Digital would not support with its advertising dollars a white talk show host or white contributors engaging in such false, offensive and dangerous rhetoric about black people.  So will Gen Digital continue to advertise on Reid's show given its racist content?

Gen Digital certainly has the right to advertise on whatever shows it chooses.  Likewise, I have the same right to voice my concern and not patronize companies that support racist, anti-white program content.

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