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Dear Coca Cola officers and directors,

It is very disappointing to see a company like Coca Cola inject itself into partisan politics in favor of leftist attempts to impede legislation that could help stop voter fraud thereby increasing public confidence in the electoral process.

Rasmussen Reports found that 75% of Americans support voter ID laws in its March 23, 2021 report.

Clearly Coca Cola’s rabid opposition to Georgia’s new voter law and ardent support for H.R.1 is out of touch with 75 percent of American voters who want election results to be fair and trustworthy.  Therefore, it appears that Coca Cola is aligned with the woke left’s power grab to enact election laws that allow voting tactics that wrongfully favor Democrats.

Coca Cola certainly has a right to support leftist public policies that enable voter fraud which benefits leftist candidates.  I have the same right to express my concerns on the issue and choose to patronize soft drink companies that do not support such irresponsible public policies.

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