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I urge Red Lobster to stand its ground against CAIR’s unreasonable demands for compensation, sensitivity training and employee policy amendments regarding the Rochester complaint.

It is obvious that the Muslim patrons at the Rochester restaurant escalated the conflict by calling Red Lobster employees racists.   Additionally, how many times have people requested water at a restaurant and not received it promptly or even received it at all?  Does a server’s incompetency justify name calling from patrons?

CAIR pushes an Islamist political agenda which demands that the market place embrace tenets of Sharia that millions of Americans find to be oppressive and offensive.  Many of the tenets of Sharia law are antithetical to the rights afforded citizens by the United States Constitution.
Islamist led sensitivity training stifles the free speech of people who are rightfully concerned about Islam’s oppressive, subjugating and hostile customs.  

CAIR’s subjugation of Red Lobster’s personnel training would intimidate many employees to be silent in their private lives which will further empower the Islamist political agenda and could have grim consequences for public safety.   In this case, sensitivity training would abuse the power of the employer’s paycheck to elevate the rights of one group over another.   

Additionally, some customers may not want to patronize Red Lobster if it uses their consumer dollars to “compensate” CAIR.

Please stand your ground against CAIR’s bullying.

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