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The hijab is headwear that departs from a values neutral dress policy in a manner that could diminish a company’s ability to attract the greatest number of customers.  Businesses are more likely to maximize sales if its personnel are not wearing attire that sets them apart from the public at large.

To many people including many Muslim women, the hijab is headwear that exemplifies Islamist oppression.  The truth is the hijab is not derived from the Quran but is legislated by Islamist dictates and fatwas that oppress and dominate woman.   Strict Islamic law and fatwa enforcement requiring women to wear the hijab started only within the last 50 years.  The hijab does not symbolize the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon all women who are under the protection of the United States Constitution.

NPR reported on April 21, 2011 that Pew Research found that only 43% of Muslims in America wear a hijab.  Given current worldwide resistance to the Fatwa mandates especially in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia the percentage of Muslim women actually wearing a hijab in America today is most likely much lower.

Only a values neutral dress policy can be certain to prevent controversial employee attire that could hurt a company’s sales and profits.

I encourage you to reject CAIR’s complaint that attempts to force Dillards to allow hijab which exemplifies Islamist oppression.

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