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Chase’s ridiculous response written by Trish Wexler is insulting to tens of millions of conservatives.   

Chase arrogantly wants the public to believe the Southern Poverty Law Center will only use Chase funds in the way Chase wants.  Even if that were true Chase's donations frees up other resources to be used to continue to smear wrongly labeled conservative organizations.  

Worst of all, the conservative organizations that are wrongly labeled as hate groups and the millions of people who support the groups feel no better that Chase wants them to look at the totality of the Southern Poverty Law Center's work.  Essentially, Chase is saying that it is okay to support the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate toward conservatives as long it fights white supremacists.

Chase’s position is outrageously offensive and alarming to the millions of Americans who belong to and support many conservative organizations that are wrongfully labeled as hate groups.  SPLC’s list puts these organizations’ employees and the people who support them in a bull’s eye target for leftists’ hate and possible violence.  

JP Morgan Chase certainly has the right to support whatever organizations it chooses.  I have the same right to express my disappointment and patronize companies that do not support organizations that target conservatives with hate labels.  

Please do not fund ANY PART of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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