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Suggested subject line:

Very disappointed that Unilever subsidiary Ben and Jerrys is promoting Islamist propaganda.

Suggested content:

With all of Unilevers fine products and brands it is most disappointing to see Ben and Jerrys promoting Islamist propaganda.

Benjerry.co.uk posted an article titled Visit My Mosque Day Why We Should All Try a Different Flavour that encouraged people to visit a mosque on February 18, 2018.  The article states in part Our friends at the Muslim Council of Britain have come up with an ingenious idea to build bridges between communities.  

The Muslim Council of Britain founder, Chowdury Mueen-Uddin, was found guilty of murdering 18 people including nine university professors, six journalists and three physicians in December 1971.  Mr. Uddin was accused of working with an Islamic militia called Al-Badr to violently sabotage the nations attempts to win independence.  Great Britain refused extradition because it involved the death penalty.

It is equally disappointing that Ben and Jerrys opposed executive orders from the President of the United States that are intended to protect Americans.

Ben and Jerrys certainly has the right to express whatever public policy positions it so desires.  I have the same right to express my disappointment and choose to patronize companies that do not promote Islamist propaganda.

I will take a closer look at Unilevers product list to determine if there are other brands that I should also stop buying.

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Unilever Officers

Paul Polman
Chief Executive Officer

Keith Weed
Chief Commerical Officer

Treeva Fenwick
Global Director of Media Relations

Unilever Board Members

Vittorio Colao, CEO

Dr. Judith Hartmann, CFO

Laura Cha
Senior international advisor for Foundation Asset Management AB

Mary Ma
Managing partner of Boyu Capital

Professor Youngme Moon
Donald K David Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Feike Sijbesma
CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board of Directors of Royal DSM N.V.

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