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Click here to send your email to City of Atlanta officials.  This email will open in your email browser unlike most email campaigns.  This is because City of Atlanta is blocking emails from Florida Family Association’s email delivery server.  If the above link does not open in your email browser or if the email is returned to you please prepare an email using the suggested subject line, content and nine email addresses provided below.  The email addresses in this link are separated by commas because they are used by the most email programs.  If your email program requires semicolons to separate email addresses then you will need to replace the commas in this email with semicolons.

Suggested subject line:

Please reconsider Detention Center policy that provides a special dress code exemption for hijabs.

Suggested content:

I am astounded that the City of Atlanta would succumb to CAIR’s inappropriate demand to allow women in the City of Atlanta Detention Center to wear hijabs.

Hats and other head covers are banned in American state and federal prisons for security and safety reasons. Making an exception to this rule to appease followers of one religion sets a dangerous precedent.

The Quran does not require Muslim women to wear a hijab.  To many people including many Muslim women, the hijab is headwear that exemplifies Islamist oppression.  The truth is the hijab is not derived from the Quran but is legislated by Islamist dictates and fatwas that oppress and dominate woman.   Strict Islamic law and fatwa enforcement requiring women to wear the hijab started only within the last 50 years.  The hijab does not symbolize the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon all women who are under the protection of the United States Constitution.

I urge you to reconsider your policy that provides a special dress code exemption for hijabs based upon political pressure instead of public safety.

Email addresses



Keisha Lance

Daniel L. Gordon
Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Anne Torres
Director of Communications

Jenna Garland
Press Secretary

Patrick L. Labat
Chief, City of Atlanta Department of Corrections
Diane Jones
Assistant Chief, City of Atlanta Department of Corrections

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