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Click here to send email to Mattel officials.  This email will open in your email account unlike most email campaigns.  This is because Mattel is blocking emails from Florida Family Association’s email delivery server.  If the above link does not open in your email browser or if the email is returned to you  please prepare an email using the suggested email subject line, email content  and four email addresses provided below.  The email addresses in this link are separated by commas because they are used by the most email programs.  If your email program requires semicolons to separate email addresses then you will need to replace the commas in this email with semicolons.

Suggested subject line:

Very disappointed that Mattel is developing a hijab clad Barbie because the hijab embodies Islamist oppression.

Suggested content:

I am very disappointed that Mattel is developing a hijab clad Barbie because the hijab embodies Islamist oppression.  The hijab does not symbolize the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon all women who are under the protection of the United States Constitution.  I urge Mattel to abandon its plans to market the hijab clad Barbie in 2018.  My future patronage depends upon your decision.

Email addresses:

Email string


Mattel officers

Christopher Sinclair, Executive Chairman

Richard Dickson, COO

Alex Clark, Corporate Communications

Mattel Board of Directors

Dean Scarborough, Director     
Avery Dennison Corporation

Vasant Prabhu, Director  
Visa, Inc.

Dominic Ng, Director
East West Bancorp, Inc.

Trevor Edwards
NIKE, Inc., President Nike Brand

Ann Lewnes
Adobe Systems Incorporated, CMO

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